How the Bears make their mark

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The Norwalk River Rowers

Amanda Serpa, Reporter

Although Norwalk High School does not have a rowing team, it does have competitive rowers.

Rowing is a sport that requires the rowers to have determination, strength, dedication, and belief in their team, The Norwalk River Rowers. The rowers must be motivated and have their heads in the right place. In this sport, participants row in a boat down the Norwalk River, competing with other teams of rowers from different areas. Participating in this sport requires the rowers to be on their “A game”.

Being on the rowing team requires the teammates to be able to manage their time and make it to each practice. One person missing out of a team of rowers could cause the whole function of the boat to be off balance. These rowers have a lot on their shoulders. If one of them makes a mistake, the whole team gets thrown off. Although there is a lot of pressure on them, they rely on their team and truly love what they do.

“I like it because I’m on the water, and I like the water. It challenges me to do better. Yeah, it’s a challenge but it feels good to win a race,” said Kevin Conover (’15).  Working as a team is a good way to learn how to work with other people, and these skills will carry on throughout the rest of their lives.

People may think that rowing consists of a number of rowers just furiously rowing down a river. But, that is not the case.  Our Norwalk Rowers row down the Norwalk River working together in unison. For each rowing team, there is a leader in the front of the boat in charge of the rower’s movements. This person is known as a coxswain.

“I’m the coxswain for my rowing team. I have to be in charge of the boat and give commands on what to do. Sometimes I feel like everything is on me. But when we do well I’m so proud of my team,” said Kaitlynn Arredondo (’15).

As people can see, rowing is a sport that takes a lot of teamwork and hard-core dedication. But it is a great workout and way to get peoples minds focused only on one thing. The Norwalk River Rowers are all learning great skills for the future, and know how to stay focused.

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How the Bears make their mark
The Norwalk River Rowers