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  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. Pulse Nightclub Shooting
  3. Brexit
  4. Californian Drought
  5. NADPL Pipeline
  6. Bernie Sanders
  7. Dallas Police Shooting
  8. U.S. Electoral Vote
  9. Tennessee Wildfire
  10. Dirty Water in Flint Michigan
  11. Syrian Refugees
  12. Legal Marijuana
  13. Adeles Album 25
  14. New App Pokemon Go
  15. Brussels Airport Attack
  16. Hillary Clinton Runs As Democrat
  17. Donald Trump Runs As Republican and Wins
  18. Philippine President
  19. Fidel Castro Dies
  20. Beyonce’s album Lemonade
  21. Hamilton
  22. Paris Climate Talks
  23. Voyager Saturn
  24. Putin and Russia
  25. Michael Phelps Angry Face
  26. Nuclear Deal
  27. Drones
  28. Ellen Degeneres Presented Medal Of Freedom
  29. Fake News Stories Start Gaining Attention
  30. The Movie Spotlight Controversy
  31. Best Actor and Supporting Actor Wins at the Oscars
  32. Star Wars: Rogue One Release
  33. Viral Video Of Woman Wearing Chewbacca Mask
  34. Chicago Cubs Win The World Series
  35. Denver Broncos Win Super Bowl
  36. White Adidas Trend
  37. Round Sunglasses Trend
  38. The Olympics In Rio
  39. Caveman Spongebob Meme
  40. Michael Jordan Cry Face Meme
  41. Viral Video Of Spoof Of Kanye’s Famous
  42. Drake Sitting On Things Meme
  43. The People Vs. O.J. Simpson
  44. The Walking Dead Season 7
  45. Gilmore Girls Reboot
  46. Game Of Thrones Surprise
  47. Orange Is The New Black Season 4
  48. Stranger Things Premiers On Netflix
  49. Last American Idol Season
  50. Westworld Premiers On HBO
  51. The X Files Returns
  52. Better Call Saul Season 2
  53. Game Of Thrones Season 6
  54. In Memory Of Those Who’ve Passed
  55. Top 6 Movies Of 2016
  56. Top 6 Songs Of 2016
  57. Oakland Warehouse Fire
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Specifics on the Feature