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Computers at NHS

December 16, 2016

In today’s age of technology a student should be able to use a decent computer whenever they need to at school. However, this is not the case at Norwalk High School which is filled with slow and unreliable computers.

Around the school, one will be able to use a beaten up chromebook with a greasy and broken keyboard. It is perplexing to think that students like to remove keys from the keyboard and either switch them up or throw them out.

Not only is the chromebook’s hardware in bad shape but the functionality as a computer is very poor. It can take minutes to open a website even when the WiFi is actually working. This is very concerning for a device especially one, in which its sole purpose is to browse the web.

In the resource centers, the desktops are a tad bit better, however they are still not ideal. Like the chromebooks, the desktops are very slow and can rarely get a task done efficiently.

The computer issue would not be as big of a deal if students could reliably access them when needed. All of the resource centers and the library require a pass from a teacher to use the technology. Yet it is not uncommon to find one of these rooms closed or used by a class.

Besides the clear lack of functionality the computers serve, they also are breeding grounds with germs and bacteria. The keyboards never seem to be cleaned and touching them would introduce harmful antibodies.

The library also has a new rule which denies any student with an open end period to use the library unless they have a pass. With the new block scheduling, many students do not have an assigned study hall on their schedule and instead just an “Open End” period. This rule is ridiculous as a student can be turned away from the library if they need to use it and have a free period.

Students are not alone when it comes to the lack of good computers, as teachers have to make do with even more unreliable, slow computers as well. One would think if the school has a budget to buy new blinds for the entire school, they could invest in some better computers to suit the students and staff.

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