How the Bears make their mark

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Spirit Week Hype

Asha Locke, Reporter

Norwalk High School has been bracing itself for many changes this year, meaning there are a lot of unhappy people. However, there is one thing that stays the same and uplifts, and it is spirit week.

Lilliana Portillo (‘18) said “It’s fun but they could definitely improve it by making themes better” Every year there’s an entire week dedicated to showing school spirit by participating in wearing decorative clothes. It gives students here a chance to wear something out of the ordinary, as well as the ability to really dig into their closet to find some cool clothes.

There have been a lot of themes in the recent years that people have liked and wanted to return. “My fave past/present was twin day” Portillo (‘16) added. Pajama day is a favorite to many people, because it gives students a chance to just roll out of bed and head to school. A lot of people have been overjoyed with wearing onesies and other super comfortable pajamas.

This year the themes were up for student votes online. It was open to a few options that had to have two picked out of the seven choices, and the last one were to be suggested by the students ourselves. Even though the option of suggestions was there, none were accepted. One that was seen multiple times was black out day for the Black Lives Matter movement. With that being said, the themes for this year were Class Color, Twin Tuesday, Superhero Day, Holiday Day, and Green & White Day. “My favorite this year was Friday where we wear green and white day” Portillo (‘16)

The turnout this year was something short of spirited and had few participants, for the amount of people that go to this school. It seemed as if it were another normal day at NHS. The number of students that did not do it this year, probably did not because of the severe lack of advertisement or because they think that they will look stupid in front of their peers. That can not be a valid reason should not be a worry for this school. If one wants to show off for this school then they can do it. 

At the end of the week, NHS had a pep rally and homecoming to put a cap on the whole week. There was a lot of green, there was a lot of white, and a lot of bears out that night.


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How the Bears make their mark
Spirit Week Hype