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All Tricks, No Treats

Ashe Locke, Reporter

The return of a new school year comes with the end of summer, and fall steps in with the sound of crunching leaves and the smell of hot chocolate. With fall comes the most colorful of holidays, Halloween.

Halloween is easily one of the most spirited times of year. When most days one sees a normal high school student, come this day, they turn into a zombie.

Last year Halloween appeared on a Saturday and we avoided having it on a school day. We have had this holiday on a school day before, but it is nice when it is not. When it comes people do not know what to wear that day. They do not want their peers to make fun of what they wear on a day meant for fun.

This is brought up to say that obviously the majority of people here enjoy it and want to dress up for the day and show their creative side. Girls and Boys alike put on outfits inspired by their favorite characters and get spooky.

With the appearance of all of these differences in attire there is a fair amount of ridicule. Girls can not dress up as a cat without being called derogatory terms, and guys can not dress up as a doctor without being called basic. It has become so harshly critiqued what you wear, that most people are defeated and do not dress up at all.

Now, there are some speculations about restrictions and what is pushing it too far. There are some reminders, such as no masks, no clowns, and to follow the dress code. This would bring out original ideas that can be fully flourished or just anything different in general. With that, it could be fun to see what comes from the student body of Norwalk High School.

Halloween can be a really fun time for NHS, there can be many characters roaming the halls and the dead brought back to life. Instead of walking around thinking that you are better for putting others down, put on some devil horns or angel wings and rock with them.

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