How the Bears make their mark

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Sara Roman, Opinion Editor

There are sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour and twenty-four hours in a day. At least a little less than six of those hours students spend in school. So when people are standing in the hallway with friends blocking everyone who are trying to get to class, standing there talking and attempting to ignore other’s presence, the least one could do is use four seconds of their time and MOVE.

To all the guys that sag your pants and have to hold them up while trying to walk up the stairs and are moving at the speed of a sloth because of it, either start using a belt or MOVE.

Those kids walking as if they have nowhere to go and take a leisurely stroll through the hallway during the four minute passing time, there are at least twenty of us behind you who have places to be and do not have the time, MOVE.

The couple that makes out at the end of the day right in front of my locker PLEASE. MOVE.

We already know these lovebirds have not seen each other all day but that is not a reason to go smooching it up in the halls. Some people might not be comfortable seeing that type of PDA and others might just need to get their coat and books to catch the bus.

To the girls walking up the stairs next to each other in a row not allowing me to pass by, MOVE. It is so easy to avoid these situations, how do you not have the awareness that you are not the only people around.

For all the students reading this right now that have been in this place, now it is your turn to make like a U-Haul and MOVE. There is no use in waiting in order to be more poliet. These students are still stuck in their middle school state of mind where it is all about them, and have not realized that they are not alone just move.

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How the Bears make their mark