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The Advantage of Four Classes in a Row

Christopher Muralles, Reporter

Some might argue that block scheduling is a great way to learn more material and spread out the class to please students and teachers.

“Instead of having to worry about planning the class out every day, now I can plan out class every two days. It feels as if time is expanding,” Mr. Von Arter stated.

Colleges look for outstanding students, so having four classes a day, can actually give students an advantage. “It is good to have four classes in a row because colleges look for that,” says Mr. Arango said.

Some students argue otherwise. Sean Donaher (‘19), says he would rather have a study hall so he could make sure his work was done. “I don’t like either system, neither block nor traditional, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be the old system,” he goes on, “I do like how now I have two days to complete my homework.”

According to the North Carolina Public School’s website, block scheduling can increase students’ grades because of the fact that they have more time to complete homework and catch up in class. Students now have more time at home to complete homework where previously, students had to complete work every night.

Although students have more time to complete homework, they might be uninterested in class. Trying to have a teenager focus for ninety minutes takes some passion and persuasion.

Mr. Sullivan, E-house guidance counselor, stated, “I have not received any complaints from students, everyone is different. The emotions about having four classes a day is relative to the student. Some students might want a study hall to finish work, and some either don’t want it or don’t need it.”

Mr. Karl surveyed his A4 and B4 classes and found that 23/27 students in his A4 class have four classes in a row and likewise in his B4 class with 21/23 students having a full schedule.

Recent studies also show that an average teenager’s attention span is only eight seconds. So, it is reasonable to conclude that most students might have trouble focusing for ninety minutes, especially if students have a full schedule with rigorous courses. Students with a full schedule might not enjoy sitting through four classes a day, but they certainly have the advantage to finish homework and catch up in class.

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How the Bears make their mark
The Advantage of Four Classes in a Row