How the Bears make their mark

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Sudden Mold Catastrophe

Riley Robinson, Photo Editor

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On Wednesday, October 19, several classrooms on the first floor of Norwalk High School were closed because mold was found growing on ceiling pipes.

Students are prohibited from entering closed classrooms, and teachers are strongly advised to stay away. These closures have affected many different classes including BCN, The Paw Print, The Little Bear Cafe, PE, and ROTC. These classes have been relocated to other rooms in the building.

Broadcast journalism and The Paw Print now share a makeshift studio in what used to be the math resource center. Because BCN can not access camera equipment such as a green screen, tricaster, teleprompter, and lighting, anchor footage for this week’s show was filmed outside. BCN student AJ Ibarrondo (‘17) said, “We had to memorize the script of just wing it.”

Safety is the main concern for both students and faculty alike. Mr. Seaburg, a teacher affected by the mold, said: “We are not being given answers by the people in charge whether it is safe for you and me.” Teachers still do not know the extent or severity of the mold.

Faculty were told that classrooms would be safe to reenter this Monday, October 24, but the rooms are still closed until further notice.


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How the Bears make their mark
Sudden Mold Catastrophe